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Six Scary Stories

July 1, 2016

Selected and introduced by Stephen King

This just in! The following announcement was made to the press just this morning:

We are delighted to announce publication of a new anthology of Six Scary Stories selected and introduced by Number 1 bestselling writer Stephen King. The stories will originally be published as an eBook on 25 August in the UK and Commonwealth by Hodder & Stoughton and in the US by Cemetery Dance Publications.

Stephen King discovered these gripping and chilling stories when he judged a competition run by Hodder & Stoughton and the Guardian to celebrate publication of his own collection The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. He was so impressed with the entries that he recommended they were published together in one book.
The anthology comprises:

Wild Swimming by Elodie Harper
Eau-de-Eric by Manuela Saragosa
The Spots by Paul Bassett Davies
The Unpicking by Michael Button
La Mort de L’Amant by Stuart Johnstone
The Bear Trap by Neil Hudson


Reader beware: the stories will make you think twice before cuddling up to your old soft toy, dipping your toe into the water or counting the spots on a leopard…

The mass market edition of King’s own collection The Bazaar of Bad Dreams will be published by Hodder on 6 September, 2016.

For more information about Six Scary Stories and The Bazaar of Bad Dreams please contact Kerry Hood at or 020 3122 6374.