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Read an extract from BILLY SUMMERS!

July 30, 2021

The pen is mightier than the bullet.

Read an extract from Billy Summers, Stephen King’s new novel, coming from Hodder & Stoughton on 3 August 2021. Billy Summers is Stephen King’s compelling new novel about a contract killer, an ex-marine, with one last payday to earn before he retires. Once again King sets his storytelling talent on a new path with this epic new thriller.

‘Here’s your cover story. David Lockridge grew up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Always wanted to be a writer but barely finished high school. Worked construction. You kept writing, but you were a hard partier. Lots of drinking. I thought about giving you a divorce but decided it would be a lot to keep straight.’

For a guy who’s smart about guns but not about much else, Billy thinks.

‘Finally you get going on something good, okay? There’s a lot of talk in the blogs I read about writers suddenly catching fire, and that’s what happens to you. You write a bunch, maybe seventy pages, maybe a hundred—’

‘About what?’ Billy’s actually starting to enjoy himself now, but he’s careful not to show it.

Giorgio exchanges a glance with Nick, who shrugs. ‘Haven’t decided that yet, but I’ll come up with someth—’

‘Maybe my own story? Dave’s story, I mean. There’s a word for that—’

‘Autobiography,’ Nick snaps, like he’s on Jeopardy!

‘That might work,’ Giorgio says. His face says nice try, Nick, but leave this to the experts. ‘Or maybe it’s a novel. The important thing is you never talk about it on orders from your agent. Top secret. You’re writing, you don’t keep that a secret, everybody you meet in the building will know the guy on the fifth floor is writing a book, but nobody knows what it’s about. That way you never get your stories mixed up.’

As if I would, Billy thinks. ‘How did David Lockridge get from Portsmouth to here? And how did he wind up in the Gerard Tower?’

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