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The final standalone novel in the Mr Mercedes trilogy is coming…

October 9, 2015

Hodder and Stoughton is delighted to announce that they will publish Stephen King’s new novel End of Watch on 7 June, 2016.  It will be released as a hardback, trade paperback for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, eBook and audio digital download.

End of Watch is a compelling and chilling suspense novel which sees retired detective Bill Hodges back on the trail of his nemesis Brady Hartsfield, the criminal the press called The Mercedes Killer.

Foiled in his attempt to commit a second mass murder, Hartsfield is confined to a hospital brain injury unit in a seemingly unresponsive state.  But all is not what it seems:  Brady is able to influence both his physician and the hospital librarian to commit crimes in the outside world.

Now, the technological genius has created a hypnotic electronic fishing game which compels users to commit suicide, and he is determined to target the three people who put him in hospital – Hodges and his sidekicks Holly and Jerome.

Then he plans to initiate a suicide epidemic.

For Hodges – and the city – the clock is ticking in unexpected ways…

Both a stand-alone novel and the final episode in the Mr Mercedes trilogy,End of Watch is a tense read which takes the series into a powerful new dimension.

Stephen King’s first novel in the trilogy, Mr Mercedes won the Edgar Award for best novel and received the Goodreads Choice Award for the Best Mystery and Thriller of 2014.  This was followed by Finders Keeperswhich was also published to stunning reviews.

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